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Fox Trading token

Hi friends on this occasion we will explain “What is Fox Trading Token (FXT)”. Well for those of you who are less savvy about “Fox Trading Token (FXT)” Please refer to this article until it is exhausted.

About Fox Trading Token (FXT)

Fox Trading Token (FXT) is the new Cryptocurrency-based Blockchain that uses standard Ethereum ERC-20 contracts of which has a value of $0.68. Like other Cryptocurrency, usually a Cryptocurrency price would be low initially and then out of necessity and other factor prices will begin to rise from the initial point of the Cryptocurrency.

(FXT) will give you “direct access to the investors to future Fox Trading service” and then “receive 75% of the benefits earned by the Trading Pool”, so for all of you who want to make investments in the field of Cryptocurrency can try Fox Trading this Token while the price is still relatively cheap before the price rises later. Only with saving Fox Trading this Token then you guys have become “contributors will receive proportional benefits of our investments”.

Fox Trading Token (FXT) It will be released in anytime soon with a price like that already in explain above i.e. $0.68, then before Fox Trading Token (FXT) in the release please you bought it before the turbulent price rise.
FXT Token will be no transferable until the end of the ICO.

Security of Fox Trading Token (FXT) It’s already trusted because it uses Blockchain technology that is certainly very safe, well for a Fee every counterparty to in making sure that cheap because Fox Trading Token (FXT) This will be on the release. In addition, the parties released Fox Trading Token (FXT) It has been very reliable in which been 2 years more and also serve the 1.5 K users for Trading.

You can directly use Fox Trading Token (FXT) This is for Trading where you guys can use the Platform for trading using the Cryptocurrency this is the Website system, iOS and Android you can also visit to access the Trading Website, to gain access to iOS and Android you can visit the Appstore or Playstore or directly using the links application which is already listed on the website

On PRESALE — 7th February 2018 you guys also will get a lot of bonus from for you guys that buy this Fox Trading Token (FXT), The period of PRESALE-7th February 2018 it only lasts for a short while during 4 weeks of the promotion period.

For the main sales targets the Fox Trading Token (FXT) This is “MAIN SALE-10th March 2018 or at the end of PRESALE “ with many other bonuses after that time PRESALE ends and for every purchase be normal or without any bonus.

For Total Release the Fox Trading Token (FXT) This is a number of 50 million (FXT) where the (FXT) has the following subdivisions IE:
-70% of the tokens allocated to the investors (35,000,000 FXT)
-15% of developers and company reserve (7,500,000 FXT)
-10% for rewarding advisors (5,000,000 FXT)
-5% is used on Bounty program and marketing (2,500,000 FXT)

Therefore please join and buy Fox Trading Token (FXT)   for the purposes of Cryptocurrency a very profitable investment, just by signing up and earn an amazing 20% of all tokens purchased by your referred friends or family to Fox Trading ICO!

Well, that’s what the discussion is about “What is Fox Trading Token (FXT)” Hopefully this article can help you, so don’t forget this article comment and share.

By Tien.Captain

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